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11 The Texas Guppy Association IFGA Sanctioned Guppy
Ken Archer
Texas USA The International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA), will be having its first show of 2015, on April 11-12,2015. It will take place at the:

Pear Tree Inn, Airport
143 N.E. Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216

This show will be hosted by the Texas Guppy Association. This will be a great opportunity to see some of the best IFGA guppies in the world, meet some of the IFGA's top breeders, and a chance to bid on some IFGA guppies that may have just won at the show !! It promises to be an exciting weekend for any show guppy enthusiast !For more information, go to WWW.IFGA.ORG
green diamond   green diamond   2014-12-30 16:22:23
16 The Gateway Guppy Associates IFGA Sanctioned Guppy
John Allen
Mo USA Gateway Guppy Associates announces an IFGA Sanctioned Guppy Show and Auction that will be held on May 16 & 17, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Express Riverport, 13735 Riverport Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63043. Entries and Judging for the show will take place on Saturday with an Auction open to the public on Sunday morning. For more information on the show, contact John Allen at green diamond   green diamond   2014-12-30 16:25:18
6 Austin Pond Tour
Julienne Smith
512 288 7088
TX USA The 21st Annual Pond Tour organized by the Austin Pond society will be held June 6 -7,2015. The tour will feature about 20 ponds both DYI and professionally built. Ponds in the northern areas of Austin will be open on Saturday and the south ponds on Sunday. Visit our website for more details.         2015-02-18 12:05:04
26 Midwest Pond & Koi Society Trade Show
IL USA Midwest Pond & Koi Society 23rd Annual Trade Show and Koi Show. This year the event is being held at the Darien Sportsplex June 26th – 28th. Hours Friday June 24, 6:00PM to 9:00PM, Saturday June 27, 9:00AM to 5:ooPM, and Sunday June 28,10:00AM to 3:00PM
    green diamond green diamond 2015-02-10 05:06:00
27 Guppy Associates Chicago Intl IFGA Show
Tom Allen
786 459 2030
Illinois USA

" The Guppy Associates International Chicago announces that an IFGA Sanctioned Guppy Show and Auction will be held on June 27-28, 2015. Entries and judging for the show will take place on Saturday, with an Auction open to the public on Sunday morning. For more information on the show contact Mr.Tom Allen at or look for details at WWW.IFGA.ORG."
green diamond   green diamond   2015-02-01 14:25:16
14 Heart of America Aquarium Society Fall Auction
Greg Mills
MO / KS US Fall AUCTION, MAJOR EVENT, event held at Open Door Baptist Church 3033 N. 103rd Terrace. Kansas City, Kansas See the web site for detailed information. green diamond     green diamond 2015-01-11 15:45:00
20 Ohio Cichlid Association Extravaganza 2015
Lew Carbone
Ohio US The Extravaganza, commonly known as "The OCA", is a well-regarded and well-attended 3-day event, known for its combination of world-class speakers, laid back atmosphere and reasonable price. Recent guests have included Ingo Seidel, Heinz Buescher, Juan Miguel Artigas-Azas, Ad Konings (who appears every year), Jay Stauffer, Melanie Stiassney, Felipe Cantera, Wayne Leibel and Hans-Georg Evers.

There's a large cichlid/catfish show, a very popular swap meet and speaker Meet and Greet on Saturday, and what is probably the best cichlid/catfish auction in the the US on Sunday. There's also a pizza-party/awards presentation Saturday evening, and a hospitality room with a keg and hot food both Friday and Saturday evenings, both free to paid attendees.

The event is always held the weekend before Thanksgiving at the Holiday Inn, Strongsville, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland).

This year's speakers and topics are Ad Konings (Tanganyika), Jools Dignall (collecting in India, L-Number catfish), Ted Judy (tbd), and Heiko Bleher (Cichlids of India and the Middle East, angelfish and discus in nature).

Check the OCA website or mail the contact if you have any questions.
green diamond green diamond green diamond green diamond 2015-04-18 09:05:50